#GLOW a taste from the new Echomaker record! recorded at queen size by Andy Fry mixed by Brad Dujmovich

Listen to The Walls by Spacebullet with Richard Cook. @wormusic #RichardCook

: You are invited to be an active participant in the creation of the Brain Finger Composition for deFINE ART 2013



Call 347.560.1157 and leave a sound or thought or message.

SCAD has commissioned Roberto Carlos Lange, emerging artist and SCAD alumnus (B.F.A., computer art, 2003) to create a new composition for deFINE ART 2013. This interactive performance piece utilizes the Google Voice…

Treat your ears right.  Listen to this album. by @defame1982 #astroglyphics #beats #signs #psych

pure #psych hiphop materpiece  this is my driving and dreaming music-vintage synths and MPC mastery by @mysticburghman 

New Release from Pittsburgh based Robotic Hands Of God aka #dreadnots.

Treat your ears right. download the @echomaker5 ep #concreteseeds for free now

Creatures Of Habit at the Knickerbocker Saloon @thejabberbox @wormusic by @defame1982

Happy Summer my people! Here is a nice little selection of funky soulful sounds, great for a summer road trip. Enjoy!